Environmental and Geotechnical Services, LLC

Residential and Unregulated Heating Oil Tanks

Unregulated underground storage tank (UST) owners in New Jersey are now required to utilize the services of UST-certified individuals to perform tank services such as closure/removal and cleanup. Unregulated heating oil USTs include all residential tanks and those non-residential tanks that have a capacity of 2000 gallons or less and used to store heating oil for onsite consumption. EGS has the OSHA-certified and UST-certified personnel to perform tank services for you. As owner of such UST, you can rely on us to evaluate the condition of your tank or to perform the removal and any required cleanup associated with the tank.

Unregulated Tanks Q & A:
Q: I am looking to buy (or sell) a house that has a heating oil UST. What should I do?
A: Any underground storage tank is a liability and an old tank is a threat to the environment. There are a few testing methods to determine a tank's integrity and its possible impact on the underlying soil and groundwater. Even if there is no evidence of discharge, we recommend removal instead of abandonment-in-place. Replacement with an above-ground tank is encouraged by the NJDEP.
Q: What if my tank is leaking?
A: A leaking tank must be reported to the NJDEP. Tank removal and cleanup will be required. Only UST-certified contractors are allowed to perform such work. Upon completion of remedial action, a final report must be submitted to the NJDEP so that a "No Further Action" (NFA) letter can be issued. Check your insurance policy and inform your insurance carrier for possible coverage of cleanup costs.
Q: Can EGS handle all these for me?
A: Yes. We have the certifications and the experience to help you obtain closure for your site. The NJDEP program that oversees residential or unregulated heating oil tanks is called the "UHOT" program. There are certain conditions whereby your case will not be accepted by the UHOT program and instead will need to be addressed via the LSRP program. EGS can provide LSRP services, if necessary, to remediate the site and close out the case.
Q: How can I get funding to pay for tank removal and cleanup?
A: If not covered by your home insurance policy, there are loan and grant programs administered by the NJDEP and the NJ Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) for qualified residential and commercial property UST owners. Funds are available for removal of non-leaking tanks as well as for cleanup associated with leaking tanks. Detailed information can be obtained from the NJDEP website at http://www.nj.gov/dep/srp/finance/ustfund/ and the NJEDA website at http://www.njeda.com. NJEDA can also be reached at (609) 292-1800 or at (609) 777-4898.