Environmental and Geotechnical Services, LLC

Profile of EGS Clients

We have a wide range of client types, including but not limited to the following:

  • Banks and property buyers conducting their environmental due diligence (e.g., Phase-I and- II site assessments)
  • Property owners who are evaluating their own property prior to selling or in compliance with state regulations such as ISRA (New Jersey's Industrial Site Recovery Act)
  • Commercial/industrial companies responding to regulatory requirements for remediation of underground storage tank (UST) discharges
  • Residential property owners requiring assessment for lead or asbestos
  • Residential property owners requiring assessment or closure of fuel oil USTs
  • UST contractors that require site assessment during tank closures
  • Construction companies that require disposal of solid and hazardous waste
  • Gasoline Service Stations
  • Industrial facilities requiring compliance with NJPDES and stormwater regulations
  • Property owners requiring CEA (Classification Exception Area) or Deed Notice compliance monitoring
  • Engineering firms requiring the collection and evaluation of geotechnical information on construction sites, and the design of structural foundations
  • Construction firms requiring geotechnical monitoring of soil characteristics